Saturday, February 27, 2010

David Uhl & MeanStreet Riders - Daytona Bike Week 2010

Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 - Temperatures at Daytona Bike Week were in the 40s this morning, with a light rain due to pass by late morning. But tomorrow will be a sunny day and a good riding day with temperatures in the 60s -- possibly a good day for the Meanstreet Riders to visit Harley-Davidson commissioned artist, David Uhl, who is painting in front of Destination Daytona.

The MeanStreet Riders' song “ High on the Hog” from their upcoming album was featured on a video created by Uhl to introduce his latest painting in the "Women of Harley" series - "Stella." 

So, enjoy a listen and watch the latest Uhl painting come to life before your eyes.

Go here to purchase "High On The Hog"

INTRODUCING STELLA - There's a new girl in town

Uhl Studios

The MeanStreet Riders are still finishing up their LP and video for early summer, but they are at Daytona Bike Week and a few of the riders are expected to come by and say hello to David Uhl.

Born in a small fishing village in Michigan, David Uhl earned a scholarship to attend the Colorado Institute of Art. An avid Harley owner since 1988, Uhl's passion would soon coincide with his artistic talent. Harley-Davidson Motor Company executives recognized David's creative talents and introduced him to Segal Fine Art, a licensed publisher of Harley-Davidson fine art.
David spends endless hours in the Harley-Davidson Archives researching vintage photos to use as reference for his official fine art paintings. Captivated by the extraordinary history of the Motor Company, David's desire is to memorialize the legacy.

The MeanStreet Riders music group was formed in the fall of 2008 when a group of songwriters from NW Florida spent 4 days in NC riding some of the worlds most challenging and dangerous roads.

The members of the Rock band include Shannon Wallace, Dowlin Mayfield, Blair Colson and Tommy Dawson.