Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010 Myrtle Bike Rally - Photos & Street Talk

I think there must be a competition every year at Myrtle Bike Rally to see which state can put the most beautiful bikes on the streets - North Carolina or South Carolina, along with other East Coast Choppers.

Also plenty of Southern Belles directing traffic to bars and restaurants all up and down the 60-miles of "Grand Strand" island towns in South Carolina during the 2010 Grand Strand Rally - A.K.A. the 70th Myrtle Beach Bike Week!

Here are some more images from rally photographer Jack Mcintyre - see his galleries at BIKERPICS.ORG. - Plus some "Street Talk."

The Myrtle Beach Spring & Fall rallies were still a blast last year. There were not as many bikes as years before but there were still A Lot of bikes.

The bars and concerts were kickin ass and the cops did not bug us like I thought they would.

We all thought it was better because there was less time waiting for drinks, food and parking. Hell Yeah!! We are going back for the 70th year celebration! We still love Myrtle Beach!!

Myrtle Bike Week 2010 kicked off Friday, May 8th and continues through Sunday, May 16th.

More bikes are rolling in every day, and the bars are all packed at night.

Jack and his model are based at Wimmer Performance - 11670 Highway 17 Byp, Murrells Inlet - 843.492.0412. Bring your bike by to be shot for magazines, print and net! Check out his rally photography at BIKERPICS.ORG.


  1. Seems like they have the most beautiful women as Myrtle beach...don't they.
    You been to Laguna beach in Cali?

  2. No, I haven't been to Laguna. Funny you should ask... I was just looking at California bike events on and saw they have 140, and wondered which was the biggest and best... Do you know that answer?