Friday, March 26, 2010

Arizona Bike Week 2010 Marked by Tragedy

Arizona Bike Week 2010 was tragically marked by a pre-rally accident on March 25th that has claimed the lives of 4 motorcyclists, while two others remain hospitalized in serious condition.

"PLEASE everyone watch out for motorcycles...It's that time of year when there are a lot of us out there!!!" advised Mark of the Hideaway Grill in nearby Cave Creek, where "Phoenix Bike Night" kicks off the rally on Friday, April 9th.

A group of 10 motorcycles were stopped at a red light at 27th & Carefree in Phoenix, AZ when they were stuck from behind by a semi-dump truck. Most of the bikers were members of the Phoenix Motorcycle Riders Group on a day ride with the Phoenix Motorcycle Kruzers.

"Pegs Down" - Some riders have vowed to ride their motorcycles with the passenger pegs down in memorial to the fallen riders, while others have vowed to tie a black bandana on the left handlebar of their bike to signify the loss of fellow-riders.

Many motorcycle riders have adopted the phrase, "Look Twice, Save A Life."

The YouTube video "You Didn't See Me" has been viewed 392,335 in the past three years and is something everyone should see and share.


  1. Lourens Venter's Memorial Service will be at 11 a.m., Saturday - April 10th @ CMA Bikers Church in Midrand, Arizona. The Phoenix Motorcycle Club riders will meet up at 10-10:30 a.m. at Shell gas station in Ultracity. Any donations will be welcomed. Condolences to his family and friends. Thanks to the medical staff and friends that helped and prayed at the scene, and also for all the support and messages that we received from everyone. We've lost a good friend and he will be missed for years to come. Smiley (President Phoenix MC / Chairman PTA Bikers Council

  2. Aug. 12, 2011 - The jury is deliberating over what happened last year on the eve of Arizona BW. This post on Facebook:

    The accident was devastating.Four motorcyclists killed, 5 injured seriously. Sad. I can't believe that Michael Jakscht (driver of the dump truck) makes his defense on "Diet Pills". He also goes on to blame his truck for the accident. If you took diet pills; Why did you test positive for meth ? If you knew you had issues with your truck and it was unsafe; why didn't you stop and get the problem fixed ? You were driving a 10 ton weapon, Mr. Jakscht . How can you live with these excuses ? There is always reckoning. Please admit you were wrong. Sorry just doesn't cut it.
    By: Richard R Finnigan