Wednesday, March 10, 2010

International Women's Ride Day - May 6th 2011

The concept is simple - women all over the world connecting on the first Friday in May, every year by just riding their motorcycles... where you live, whatever brand or style of riding - JUST RIDE! This year's ride on the first Friday will be on May 6th 2011. Last year, a group of women riders in Aruba joined the ride, and this year a Russian federation of women riders will participate.

Motoress - connecting women with motorcycling - founded the international awareness day in 2007 and inspired women riders around the world to ride together and individually on the first Friday in May to celebrate the pleasure and freedom they have found in taking to the open road on two wheels - including women across the US and Canada, Australia and Cape Town.

The Aruba Women Riders launched their first ride in 2010. Follow the link to see photos of the ride and a story.

Harley-Davidson sponsored two huge rides in 2009 in Milwaukee and New York, and produced this video of the rides and women ride events all over the world.