Sunday, April 4, 2010

David Allan Coe - Panheads Forever

This post is for my brother, Melvin Purscell in Des Moines, Iowa who is the best damn bike mechanic you will ever meet. He took an old Indian out of a farmer's ditch and restored it to "best of show" .. and he loves panheads. He named one of his wolves "Panhead."

This one's for you, Mel - David Allan Coe singing "Panheads Forever" with awesome David Mann images and other great bikes - not all pans, some are shovels also dressers and sportsters, but they are all great images. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Easter Everyone!!! Blossoms To Ya! (Garcia/Grateful Dead.) It's 80 degrees in Florida and you can smell the Orange Blossoms as you travel the country roads on a bike. I was out riding my bicycle yesterday 10 miles on the West Orange Trail to Oakland Nature Preserve... saw lots of motorcycles along the roadways - saw the biggest peacock I have ever seen. Saw two goats with long crooked horns, road along the still waters of a country pond listening to all the great tunes on the Unplugged Collection Vol.1 - Paul Simon/"Graceland," Stevie Ray Vaughan/"Pride And Joy," Lenny Kravitz/"Are You Gonna Go My Way," Elvis Costella/"Deep Dark Truthful Mirror," Don Heanky/"Come Rain Or Come Shine," and Rod Stewart/"Gasoline Alley"... being out there in nature is time with God to listen to and to see this beautiful gift we call EARTH. Have a Good One!