Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blankets To The World

Brothers of the Third Wheel is the largest trike organization in the world. BTW USA Trike Week in an annual event in May - June in Branson, MO.

BTW Europe's Trike Week is held every July in Vaestervik, Sweden.

"Blankets To The World" is the official charity for "Brothers of the Third Wheel Trikers & Bikers Association Europe & Overseas"

"The idea is to collect blankets, sleeping-bags & tents on bike & trike-meetings and to donate them locally to homeless children and families," said Hoagie Ceo BTW-EOS.

"This is a growing problem in western cities and societies. In Germany alone there are 9,000 street kids with a big number not accounted for.

"We have setup a paypal donation button on our homepage All donations go directly to the cause. The group will also accept new or clean blankets and clothing. Contact: to find out how you can get involved today!

"All european chapters are participating, and we hope everybody else around the world will want to get involved," said Hoagie.

Brothers of the Third Wheel was founded in 1983 by Jim Sickler in the United States and is the largest independent trikes organization in the world, with more than 6,000 members worldwide.
Jim & Lady Sickler in Ava Missouri are International Directors for USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and UK - BTW Trikers & Bikers Europe & Overseas (BTWEOS) was built in 2002 with the CEOs Hoagie & Manuela, who are responsible for all other worldwide chapters.

Brothers & Sisters are all equal members, and nobody is discriminated on the basis of his skin color, race, religion, etc. The the main focus of chapters in Europe, is the integration and equality of disabled people and lobbying with the various bodies and agencies and organizations.

In addition, B.T.W. works with other motorcycle clubs and organizations such as ABATE, COC, MAG, NABD, Biker-Union, HOG etc. for the respectful coexistence of Bikers and Trikers.

BTW USA Trike Week in an annual event in May - June in Branson, MO.
BTW EOS's Trike Week is held in conjuntion with MCDagarna every July in Vaestervik, Sweden. Details: