Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jesse James Moves To Austin

Monday, June 28th the divorce filed by Sandra Bullock in Austin, Texas became final, ending her 5-year marriage to bike builder, Jesse James.

The divorce has not altered Jesse's plan. He is moving his family to Austin in July, after he finishes taping a special for the History Channel. The move will allow his children to remain close to Sandra, who owns a house in Austin.

This could be good news for the Austin Republic of Texas (ROT) Rally -- Jesse intends to permanently move to Austin.

He will continue to operate West Coast Choppers in Orange County, California but also intends to open a Cisco Burger restaurant in Austin. The announcement was made earlier in June at a child custody hearing in California.

Bullock left the couple's home in Seal Beach, Calif. before the divorce.

There is even speculation that (Jesse's 6-year-old daughter) Sunny's biological mother, Janine Lindemulder will move from LA to Austin.