Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learn to Ride the High Mountains of Europe

Bike Tour Germany can teach you to ride the High Mountain twisty's and hairpin curves of the High Alpines in Austria. The ride is 2.5 hours between Munich and Grossglockner High Alpine. The roadway is open until October each year.

My buddy TJ lived in California before returning to Germany and he's well qualified to make your dream of high mountain European motorcycle travel a reality. CK this out!

The season will soon come to a close for 2010.  The usual meeting point for the training ride is this car park, left of the toll booth, where a training group of riders met, August 18th.
This is one of the photos from TJ's Grossglockner 2010 - Picasa Album.


Bike Tour Germany offers high mountain training, as well as guided tours through Germany. You can also join TJ and his crew on rides to the 24 Hour Le Mans Race, the IMOT Munich Bike Show and other European events.