Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Bean're Bailout Ride To Wharf Rat Rally - Nova Scotia

DAY THREE - Yesterday on the Ferry to Nova Scotia with Bean're & crew. 3 hour ride, docked, and off to rally headquarters - photographer Jack Mcintyre, Thurs., Sept. 2, 2010 on "The Bean're Bailout Ride" to the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby.

All photos used by permission (c) Jack Mcintyre,
where you can view a complete set of the ride and 2010 Wharf Rat Rally.

"Day one, we rode from our meeting place in Staten Island to Shorty's in Boston. Day two, we rode 400 miles to St. John, Canada, where we will catch the ferry today for Nova Scotia and the Wharf Rat Rally," said photographer, Jack Mcintyre.    


DAY TWO - "We rode 400 miles yesterday after our stop in Boston at Shorty's, great people, great food!," said photographer, Jack Mcintyre. "Today is the day I'm really gonna start shootin while the sun is strong before the hurricane hits this Saturday."

Bean're and crew, on the road to Nova Scotia. "We rode thanks to Spectro Oil, serious riding, ass flatening riding," said photographer, Jack Mcintyre.

"And through all the record hot tempatures, my Spectro oil still looks and smells brand new! It really is the best!" said Kevin Bean're, pictured here leading the crew out of Boston to St. John, Canada.

DAY ONE - The Bean're Bailout crew, sponsored by Cycle Source Magazine, rolled into Shorty's in upper Boston on Monday night.

And there were some tired bikers.

DAY ONE - Photographer Jack Mcintyre's ride to the Wharf Rat Rally with "The Bean're Bailout" crew got underway Monday,  Aug. 30th 2010. The crew rode from this house in Staten Island to Shorty's in upper Boston.