Sunday, January 9, 2011

"TrAuMa MaMa" & The Chicago Rescue Riders

Chicago, Illinois - Teresa McClelland (pictured in action with the volunteer "Rescue Riders") describes herself as "a down to earth, do anything for a friend type of person." Her friendships are unconditional. "I do not judge. Im an ER/ Trauma Nurse that scored a monday thru friday gig and ride my 'MO' when ever I can."

She proudly displays the Rescue Riders patch - and she has a new Trama Nurse tat.

She is one of the unsung heros in life that rushes to the scene of motorcycle accidents to give aid and comfort to her fellow riders. She is also the national director of training and curriculum for the Chicago-based Rescue Riders.

"We recruit, train and educate motorcyclists to be prepared to handle emergency situations.

"Our core curriculum is Accident Scene Management. Many members are licesed EMT's paramedics and nurses. Our mission support is volunteer medical support at events and runs to ensure safety and secure any emergency until EMS arrive."

"We are a National 501c3 - Classes for training can be found at"

The Accident Scene Management Course - is a Crash course for motorcyclists that teaches them what to do at the scene of an advanced motorcycle accident - Become a leader at the scene, and assist EMS with advanced skills.

A Professional Series Course ~ Presents to EMS and police the psycosocial aspect of motorcyclists and provides hands-on skills to care for motorcycle trauma.

An Instructor Course ~ Trains leaders to educate non medical personel as well as professionals by way of the ASMi curriculum. Ensuring a proper core curriculum for the Rescue Rider Program & Promoting motorcycle safety.

Founded in 2005 by Dean "Bull" Akey in Saint Charles, IL, the non-profit organization now has more than 2,000 volunteers helping motorcyclists in 26 states!

To learn more, visit: Rescue