Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ron Finch at Daytona Bike Week with "Outsider"

Ron Finch of Finch's Custom Styled Cycles is in Daytona Beach for the 70th Rally and you can see his new side-car bike "Outsider" at the 39th Rat's Hole Chopper Show - World Bike Showdown - Saturday, March 12th at Daytona Lagoon, next door to the Ocean Center at 601 Earl Street.

He is also featured in the Daytona Beach Ratty Rag, a limited edition of 20,000 free newspapers published by the Rat's Hole for the 70th Daytona Bike Week. Grab a copy on the street or at the bike show on Saturday.

For details or to register a bike go to http://www.ratshole.com/

Daytona Bike Week was originally the "Run To The Sun" Rally.
Click the newsapaper cover image for event details.

What a Blast From the Past - CK this out: Daytona 1980 Bike Week!