Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AMD Show - Swiss Harley Days - European H.O.G. Rally 2011

Swiss Harley Days finds a home in Lugano for 2011 The official announcement by Harley-Davidson management for a repeat of Swiss Harley Days was made. The city of Lugano will once again host Swiss Harley Days - This year's rally is July 8th & 9th 2011.

Also just announced. Harley-Davidson Switzerland confirmed that, this year's event at Campione d'Italia/Lugano, Switzerland will be a Modified Harley-Davidson World Championship affilate event.

With the Campione d'Italia/Lugano Modified Harley Class winner receiving prize money to be able to compete at the world Championships at Sturgis, USA courtesy of Harley-Davidson Switzerland. The affiliation represents another opportunity for a European authorised Harley dealer or private customer to "mis-it" with America's best and try to follow the trail blazed by current Modified Harley-Davidson World Champions Shaw H-D from the UK.

Here's the video of European H.O.G. Rally 2010 in Lugano!