Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bandit's BikerNet Celebrates 15 Years

Keith Ball owns a company called 5Ball Inc. based in Wilmington, CA and for the last 15 years he has been producing Bandit's Bikernet at -- a free digital news website with a subscription based "Cantina" zone.

I have not met Keith face-to-face, but over the years, I feel like we have become online friends. He was the first website editor to extend a "welcome" and offer encouragement when I popped up on his radar as a new bike website editor... He is in California and I am in Florida. He doesn't miss anything!

Since then, I have heard countless stories about his kind encouragement of fellow-authors and web editors. If he can directly help a media friend in any way, he will immediately! He is a beautiful man, inside and out!

Where the ride begins and the
Adventure never ends

Bandit is writing the 15-year epic history of Bikernet... and he says, "Good god what a daughting task. I had to figure out when we built the Blue Flame, when I hit the deer, and when we moved into our existing 1923 building. It's nuts, but for new readers; it will spell out the big steps we took to get to this point."

I read a lot of motorcycle news, but I really enjoy the Thursday news by  Bandit, Scott Jacobs, Bob T., Gypsy Raoul, Mark Blackwell, Norm, Don Smith, Billy McCahill, Tim Porter, River Rat, Uncle Monkey, Mike Pullin, Ron, Vickie Kelly, Dennis Johnson, Rogue, Cigar Marc, Sin Wu, and the whole gang at - Thanks Bandit "Ride Forever!"

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