Tuesday, May 31, 2011

East Coast - West Coast Connections at Motorcycle Event News

For the last several years, I have enjoyed writing about major motorcycle events and rallies all over the world and I've made some great friends. Two of my favorite industry friends live on opposite coasts in the USA and they have agreed to become contributors. ~ May 31, 2011 ~ MJ Reynolds, editor and owner of MJR Media.

Jeff Darwell - the good looking guy on the right, pictured with the Ice Cream Man From Hell, Jimmy Trotta - is the owner/editor of Bars4Bikers.com.

His website is based in Orlando, Florida but it features biker bars and biker-friendly places all over the world.

Jeff will be featuring one of his favorite bars from somewhere in the world on a weekly basis right here on the "Motorcycle Event News" bike week news blog.

Bars4Bikers... where IT IS about the destination.

WEST COAST & BeyondLisa Ballard, the west coast editor of Cycle Source Magazine and Cycle Source Blog is also the marketing director for Limpnickie Lot builders. So get ready for news from the west coast and beyond from a true insider! This photo of Lisa (BTW) was take of her with the Source guys at Daytona Bike Week.

Her husband is Duane Ballard - DBCustomLeather.com  and she is friends with some of the coolest young-to-old builders on the planet. We share a special interest in biker art, so also look for her posts on Motorcycle Art Shows. More about Lisa at her blog: TheShinySide.