Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jesse James' New Book, New Life & Austin Speed Shop

A year after his dramatic breakup with America's sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, Jesse James is on ABC's Good Morning America and Nightline talking about his new book, American Outlaw - his upcoming fourth marriage to LA Ink star, Kat Von-D - and his new life as co-owner of Austin Speed Shop.

Now after closing up West Coast Choppers in California, the 42-year-old has started a new life at his home on 15 acres in the foothills of Austin, Texas. "It's what I needed," James said. "Where I can finally breathe." 

He initially moved to Austin so the kids could keep in contact with  Sandra, and so that he might have some contact with Sandra and her adopted son, Louie. But he also made the move for himself, he said in an interview on ABC's Nightline, May 5th.

He has very little contact with his former wife. But he is enjoying a family life with his three children - Chandler, Jesse Junior and Sunny. He says that he has returned to a simpiler life... "All I need is my welding helmet, a box full of welding rod and something to build and I'm in like heaven."

He discussed the break-up with actress Sandra Bullock. "I think, you know, a marriage ending, all this crazy stuff...that was like a lesson to work on myself and fix what's wrong with me," said James. "So I don't transfer it and keep it going, like my parents did."

Here is the full interview. The ABC Nightline interview focused on his new life at home with his kids and at Austin Speed Shop, where he is mentoring young bike and car builders and perfecting his welding skills.