Thursday, June 2, 2011

Classic Bob Seger Traveling Music: Roll Me Away

Everybody has a favorite ride song, and this is mine... and what great ride images in this  Bob Seger - Roll Me Away music video. Classic Bob Seger 1982. Brings back some great memories for me that the younger generation of my family can relate to because they like Bob Seger and riding, too!

Bob Seger's Roll Me Away from the album The Distance  (1982) (Audio CD Dec. 2008)

It was the best of times and the worst of times for Seger's Silver Bullet Band, and after the shuffle, the 1983 Go The Distance Tour included Alto Reed, Don Brewer (Grand Funk RR), Bob Seger, Craig Frost, Dawayne Bailey (Chicago), and Chris Campbell.

The Distance spawned numerous hits beginning with Rodney Crowell's "Shame on the Moon" (Seger's #1 career hit), "Even Now", "Roll Me Away" and "Making Thunderbirds" (promoted with a music video filmed in Detroit.)
Roll Me Away (written by Seger) is on the Armagedden (1998 film) soundtrack and was played all the way through to close Cher's big film hit, The Mask (1985.) It was Seger's opening song on his Face the Promise Tour, 2006-2007 ... and it also closes in 1984 film, Reckless as Aidan Quinn & Daryl Hannah ride off on Aidan's motorcycle.

There are a couple hundred personal stories attached to this video ... Here are a couple that make me think of myself and my brothers back in th 80's when we were looking back over the crazy turmoil that we had grown up in... the assassinations of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King, JR. ..Vietnam and the explosion of great music: The Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Dylan, Joplin and Woodstock.

...I was in the military back in '86. I bought a brand new Honda Nighthawk 650 and got 6 weeks of leave that summer. I was 26 and rolled out the front gates of CFB Petawawa for the time of my life. I toured most of North America. From Yosemite, the Avenue of the Giants in Oregon, the Great Plains, the Rockies, I slept in ditches 'neath the stars, washed in rivers, ate a billion tacos, drank whisky and racked up 15, 000 miles, all solo.
I will never forget those miles and the smiles - racerxjj67.

...Ride it long, ride it hard. Ride it till all the tears, all the fear, all the troubles disappear. Motorcycles saved my life! - HDbikerchick.
If you are in the wind, enjoy the ride my friends and enjoy the memories..
Here are links to Rides & Rallies coming up in JUNE - JULY  - & AUGUST.

If you are interested, here are the Roll Me Away lyrics: 
Took a look down a westbound road

Right away I made my choice

Headed out to my big two-wheeler

I was tired of my own voice

Took a beat on the northern plains

And just roll that power on

Twelve hours out of Mackinaw City

Stopped at a bar to have a brew

Met a girl, only had a few drinks

And I told her what I decided to do

She looked out the window a long, long moment

And she looked into my eyes

She didn't have to say a word

I knew what she was thinkin'

Roll, roll me away, won't you roll me away tonight

I too am lost

I feel double-crossed

And I'm sick of what's wrong and what's right

We never even said a word

We just walked out and got on that bag

And we rolled

And we rolled clean out of sight

We rolled across the high plains

Deep into the mountains

Felt so good to me

Finally feeling free

Somewhere along the high road

Air began to turn cold

She said she must go home

I had it all along


Stood alone on a mountaintop

Staring out at the great divine

I could go east I could go west

It was all up to me to decide

Just then I saw a young hawk flying

And my soul began to rise

And pretty soon, my heart was singing

Roll, roll me away, wanna roll me away tonight

Gotta keep rollin', gotta keep ridin'

Keep searchin' till I find what's right

And as the sunset faded

I spoke to the faintest, first starlight

I said next time

Next time, we'll get it right

Roll me away (repeat)