Saturday, June 8, 2013

David UHL's Exclusive Artwork For The 110th Harley-Davidson Europe Celebration in Rome

We are here in Rome for Harley-Davidson's 110th European Celebration, June 13 to 16 that promises to be uniquely Roman, right down to a "Blessing of the Bikes" by Pope Francis at Saint Peter's Square in the heart of Vatican City.

Official oil painter for Harley-Davidson, David Uhl created this stunning portrait of a 48' Panhead entitled "Chance Encounter" for the event. Participants will be able to buy a postcard print for 15 Euros to commemorate the 110th -- and you can purchase a limited edition print of the painting now through August at the David Uhl Studio website:

A series of unique Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary activities will take place across multiple sites in Rome for motorcycle enthusiasts and fans to experience and explore including a 3,000-strong bike parade through the historic streets of Rome on Saturday and a bike blessing by Pope Francis on Sunday at Vatican City. For more information on the Harley-Davidson 110th anniversary celebration in Rome, please visit:

Here are a few sightseeing pictures... Enjoy.

Roma sits on seven hills, lined with sculptured pines. A transportation route known as the GRA circles the city.
More than 1,400 Harley-Davidson motorcycles are expected to arrive Sunday, June 16, 2013
  to Vatican City for a "Blessing of the Bikes" by Pope Francis.

Friday Mass at St. Peter's Basilica  will be attended by 2,000 HD owners.
Blessing of the bikes in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City - This traditional blessing is normally open to the public, who arrive on foot to St. Peter's Square. But 1,400 lucky owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles will win the opportunity to bring their own bikes to Piazza San Peter. 

The road leading to St. Peter's Square and Via della Conciliazione, will be closed and will be available for the parking of motorcycles only on the day of blessing.

Trevi Fountain is in the historic downtown district, about a 40 minute walk east of Vatican City.

Bikes are everywhere in Rome year round because they are easier to maneuver in traffic and easier to park. 
Picture of the marble statues that circle the playing field at the stadium in Rome, built to host the 1960 Olympics.

The sports complex north of Rome is one of the major venues for the HOG Europe 110th.

Rome has clean water, rich in calcium and lots of public drinking fountains like this one designed by the sculptor Bernini -- you just dip your hands under the flow of water and grab a sip.
We traveled 30 miles west of Rome to Ostia on the Mediterranean.

Ostia - the beach of Rome - will be the starting point of Saturday's parade of 3,000 motorcycles into the historic city of Rome -- or as we say "Roma".