Monday, May 24, 2010

"Two Wheel Thunder" Season Opener Discussed

“Two Wheel Thunder” with Michele Smith & Jay Barbieri premiers on Discovery’s HD Theater, June 7th 2010.

The season opener will most likely feature footage from Daytona Bike Week and time spent with their friend Johnny Lange, owner of Strip Club Choppers.

Johnny and Jay have been friends for many years. "When we travel from rally to rally together there is never a dull moment," said Barbieri in a recent update about the show.  "Thank God for editing, and I say that with a smile.”

While shooting footage at the Daytona Beach rally for the upcoming season, they spoke with Johnny about Mazatlan Bike Week in Mexico, The Virginia Beach Classic, Thunder Beach in Panama City, and the ever-changing face of Daytona Bikeweek.

Michele Smith and Jay Barbieri will be hosting the brand new magazine show,“Two Wheel Thunder” on the Discovery network’s HD Theater, 8 to 9 p.m. est on Motorcycle Mondays.

Smith and Barbieri previously hosted "American Thunder" on the Speed Channel but after fourteen years, and despite high ratings, SPEED decided not to bring the show back.

Michele has been riding motorcycles since 1994 and is considered the “First Lady of Motorcycling” by millions of enthusiasts.

Barbieri is not only hosting the show this season but is also the Executive Producer. Barbieri has been riding a Harley for over 25 years, has hundreds of thousand miles under his belt and has attended countless motorcycle rallies across North America. Barbieri's Biker's Handbook (first published in 1964) is in it's third printing.

HD Theater is a high-definition television network from Discovery Communications, Inc., the owner of the Discovery Channel. It launched nationwide in 2002 as Discovery HD Theater and is now the most widely distributed basic cable HD network in the United States.

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  1. Motorcycle Monday - June 14 on Two Wheel Thunder!!! The Mid American Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas Nevada proves to be a jackpot for vintage bike owners. Risking life and limb to fabricate a high performance exhaust system at Vance & Hines.

  2. New show on tonight! - July 26th - This is a really fun one! The footage Jay, Johnny & Michele filmed Mazatlan Bike Week in Mexico.